BEIJING, May 2 (Reuters) - China on Wednesday reported 24 new coronavirus cases on the mainland for June 1, versus 23 a day earlier, the country's health authority said.

Of the new infections, 14 were imported, the National Health Commission said in a statement. The 10 local cases were all reported in southern Guangdong province. There were no new deaths.

Out of the 10 confirmed cases in Guangdong province, seven were detected in the capital Guangzhou city, and three in Foshan city.

Guangzhou city, the epicentre of the latest local virus flare-up in China, has reported 41 locally confirmed cases between May 21 and June 1.

China also reported 19 new asymptomatic patients, which it does not classify as confirmed cases, compared with 15 a day earlier.

As of June 1, China had a total of 91,146 confirmed COVID-19 cases, while its death toll remained unchanged at 4,636.