THE HAGUE, Nov 21 (AFP) - Dutch police said on Sunday (Nov 21) they had arrested 48 people after a second night of violent riots erupted over the government's coronavirus measures.

Prosecutors meanwhile updated to four the number of people shot when police opened fire during an "orgy of violence" in the port city of Rotterdam on Friday night.

The two nights of unrest in a number of cities came a week after the Dutch government went into a partial lockdown over a surge in cases.

In The Hague on Saturday night, officers in riot gear charged demonstrators who set fire to bicycles and an electric moped piled in the middle of a busy intersection.

"The police were also pelted with heavy fireworks and stones thrown from roofs," police said in a statement, adding that water cannon was used to put out the fire.

"Officers made a total of 19 arrests for, among other things, insult."

Five police officers were injured during the unrest while a rock thrown by rioters smashed the window of a passing ambulance carrying a patient, police said.

Thirteen people were arrested in separate riots in the towns of Stein and Roermond in southern Limburg province after fireworks were thrown at officers, police said.

Police also made 16 arrests during clashes in the "Bible Belt" town of Urk, where vaccination rates are very low due to conservative Protestant beliefs, local media said, quoting police.