YEREVAN, Jan 23 (CGTN) - Armenian President Armen Sarkissian on Sunday resigned from his position, citing limitations on presidential powers that make it tough for the office bearer to deliver.

Sarkissian announced his resignation in a lengthy statement detailing his take on presidential powers and limitations.

"I have been thinking for a long time, I have decided to resign from the post of the President of the Republic after working actively for about four years," he said.

"This decision is not emotional at all, it follows a certain logic," he added.

Among other things, Sarkissian pointed out limitations that make it impossible for a president to veto laws that he considers inexpedient for the state.

"We live in a unique reality, a reality where the President cannot influence matters of war or peace," he said.

Sarkissian's resignation comes following a standoff last year with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian over a number of issues.

The 68-year-old has served as Armenia President since April 2018.