SINGAPORE, 24 Jan (CNA)- Singapore reported 3,002 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Monday (Jan 24), comprising 2,624 local and 378 imported infections.

The infections include the number of Protocol 2 cases, after the Ministry of Health (MOH) changed its daily reporting structure last Friday.

Protocol 2 cases are individuals who are well and have tested positive, or have been assessed by a doctor to have a mild condition.

Two sets of numbers will be reported every day - one for the infections confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, and another for the Protocol 2 cases.

There was no new fatality, according to the latest infection statistics on the MOH website. The death toll from coronavirus complications remains at 848.

The weekly infection growth rate is 2.69, down from Sunday's 2.75. A figure above 1 means that the number of new weekly cases is rising.

A total of 1,637 new Protocol 2 infections were confirmed on Monday, comprising seven imported cases and 1,630 local cases.