WASHINGTON, Feb 27 (CNN) - Australia will work with NATO members to supply weapons to Ukraine, Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters on Sunday.

The move to step up support comes after the Prime Minister said on Friday Australia would provide "non-lethal" military equipment and medical supplies,

"We are already providing significant support in terms of non-lethal aid, but I've just spoken with the defense minister, and we'll be seeking to provide whatever support we can for lethal aid through our NATO partners, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom," Morrison said on the sidelines of a church service for the Australian Ukrainian community.
"[Our NATO partners] are already providing support in these areas and we will be assisting them with what they are doing."
Morrison also said Australia has expedited visa processing of Ukrainians seeking to enter Australia and will provide more humanitarian aid in the near future, describing it as a "top priority."

"Our focus is what's occurring in Ukraine right now and providing the immediate relief to those who would be coming across borders as hundreds of thousands of people are becoming displaced and the world community will work together on all of those issues. But Australia will be very prepared to take more and more and more as we have with Afghanistan," Morrison said.