BUCHAREST, Feb 28 (Sputnik) - Romania will block access to Sputnik and cut off broadcasts of RT by the end of the day Monday, the country's cabinet of ministers has announced.

"Romanian authorities are taking steps to block certain sources which have been identified as spreading fake news in the context of the crisis in Ukraine," government spokesman Dan Carbunaru said in a press briefing Monday.

Sputnik appeared in a list of sites that will be shut down, while RT would be banned from broadcast by local operators.

Sputnik Moldova-Romania is one of over two dozen sister agencies of Sputnik International, and is the latest Russian foreign language news outlet to face censorship.

Earlier in the day, Sputnik Polska became unavailable to users in Poland. Over the weekend, multiple Sputniks, including Sputnik International, Sputnik German SNA, Sputnik Ceska Republika and Sputnik Polska reported large-scale DDoS attacks.

Sputnik Moldova received notification from Moldovan authorities Saturday that the news agency's website would bet shuttered effective immediately and its radio broadcasts blocked by 7 March. The decision prompted the outlet to create new website addresses.