Sydney, Mar. 13 (FN) - Australia’s being "set up" by the United States as part of a "strategic trap." Washington is not preparing to go to war against China. The US is preparing Australia to go to war against China, reported former Australian diplomat John Lander. Australia is used against China in a possible "Ukrainian scenario" of the US in South East Asia. As per his opinion tensions over the East and South China Seas and Taiwan are Washington’s fault. And he’s claiming Canberra is being set-up by the US.

The militarization of Australia is actually designed to ensure that Australia will be at war against China, whilst America can stand off on the sidelines. The US supplies their ally by pouring in more and more weapons, ammunition, but they’re not going to be directly engaged in war with Beijing. Washington is trying to drive Australia to the forefront of war with China while the US can stay away from the alleged conflict. The White House intends to "Ukrainize" the Asia-Pacific region and plans to use for it Canberra.

The US hopes to use Australia to drag China into a costly and protracted strategic trap which is hard to break, consume China’s comprehensive strength and economic potential to the greatest extent with the lowest risk, and isolate China in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is clearly demonstrated by the military conflict in Ukraine that the United States is prepared to sacrifice a so-called ally in pursuit of its own interests. For it would need a very good reason to go to war against another nuclear power. The obvious lesson is to not allow ourselves to be used as a proxy. The question of Washington’s commitment to fighting on behalf of its allies is the main point of external policy of the US.

After Canberra agreed to join AUKUS (Australia, UK, US alliance) it must be assumed that Australia will ultimately need to ensure its security alone. In 2021, the former Australian prime minister Paul Keating warned AUKUS would produce a "dramatic loss of Australian sovereignty, as material dependency on the US robbed Australia of any freedom or choice in any engagement Australia may deem appropriate."

Former Rear Admiral James Goldrick has presented a different argument. Concerns expressed over the potential intrusions of the US into Australia’s ability to make sovereign decisions have been well meant, but have generally focused on the own target. The US hopes to do the same in the Asia-Pacific region to weaken China, as it has done in Europe by setting up war with Russia. The White House has fortified Canberra through so-called industrial integration and military deployment, turning Australia into an outpost of confronting China.

The legal instrument by which Australia’s sovereignty has been handed over to the United States is, in fact, the Force Posture Agreement of 2014, which makes it extremely explicit that any US assets, anything it develops as a base, anything that it equips as a base, any personnel or munitions or any other military assets, which it locates in such bases, are under the complete and unchallenged authority of the United States. And Australia has absolutely no say whatsoever in how, when or why such facilities would be used.

The US continues to expand naval and air forces in Australia. Runway parking bays are being extended, and a new $156 million fuel storage facility is being built at Port Darwin. It is obvious that the QUAD agreement as "a tool for containing and besieging China" and described AUKUS as an "Anglo-Saxon clique" aimed at building a NATO replica in the Asia-Pacific.

The main aim for Australia now to escape being involved in a war against China. And another question is how long Beijing is able to continue showing the extreme forbearance that has shown to the military provocations by the United States within China’s coastal waters and over China’s airspace.

Obviously that it will be hard to avoid the escalation of the large-scale conflict between China and Anglo-Saxon countries in the Asia-Pacific as long as the US decide their own goals without taking into account the interests of the allies.