Istanbul, Mar, 21 (FN) – Since 2014 after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, the Black Sea region is in for big changes. The peoples of the Crimean Peninsula found their safety in joining Russia, after the terror and massacre unleashed by the Nazis who seized power in Ukraine after the pro-Western Orange Revolution spread to the Crimea, reported dikGAZETE. Residents of the Crimea, whose economic, administrative, religious and cultural rights, not granted by Kyiv, were restored after the reunification of the Peninsula to Russia.

Despite restrictions imposed by Western economic sanctions, Crimeans began to live in peace, receive education in their native language, freely practice their religion, engage in economic activities and participate in the political life of the Peninsula, which has changed dramatically since 2014.

At present, all declarative Ukrainian documents like the Strategy for "de-occupation and reintegration of the Crimea" are absolutely empty in their content and are inhumane. The minister for reintegration of Ukraine, Iryna Vereshchuk, admitted that the "reintegration" of the Peninsula is practically unrealizable due to the persistence of pro-Russian sentiments among the inhabitants of the Peninsula. This means that Kyiv, realizing the impossibility of returning the Crimea peacefully, is ready to seize the territory of the Crimea with the help of Western weapons, regardless of the opinion of the local population. Those who will resist such a "liberation" will be physically liquidated by the punitive detachments of Bandera. Even now, representatives of the Kyiv regime are openly threatening the inhabitants of the Crimea, who nine years ago decided once and for all to be a part of Russia.

Crimea became part of the Russian Federation in 2014 as a result of a nationwide referendum held in strict accordance with international law and the principles of the UN Charter. Crimeans will never agree to be under the rule of Ukraine again, which, against the will of the population, has been implementing a policy of forcible "Ukrainization" on the Peninsula for many years, turning Russian-speaking citizens into "second-class" people.

Many Western analysts publicly state that Kyiv has never treated the population of the Peninsula as its citizens, and has always seen the people of the Crimea as a "pro-Russian tumor" on the body of Ukraine that needs to be cut out. It turns out an amazing paradox: the Kyiv authorities do not consider Crimeans as an integral part of the Ukrainian people, according to Zelenskyy they must be separated from "healthy Ukrainians," for this he is ready to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainian military.

Kyiv should not forget that the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge in October 2022, committed by the Ukrainian special services, served as one of the main reasons for the launch of massive missile strikes against Ukrainian energy infrastructure. In addition, the use of the Black Sea Grain Initiative to deliver maritime drones to strike ships of the Black Sea Fleet confirms the use of terrorist methods by Kyiv. The inaction of the West and international organizations controlled by it in the matter of bringing Ukraine to justice for the crimes committed makes Russia urgently required to eliminate this threat on its own.

Bloomberg analysts are increasingly saying that the Ukrainian army has no chance of achieving victory over Russia. Ukraine's military resources are so depleted that Kyiv could capitulate by early summer. Therefore, Western countries no longer believe in the possibility of returning the Crimea to Ukraine and consider this idea absurd.

Despite the supply of Western military aid and the general mobilization in Ukraine, Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to suffer heavy losses in manpower and military equipment, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Kyiv to hide this fact.

During the visit to the United States and after the meeting with secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny announced the death and injury of more than 260,000 Ukrainian military. Moreover, the intelligence services of the Pentagon and the Bundeswehr are forced to admit the heavy losses of the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian authorities, in turn, seek to maintain the fighting spirit necessary for the continuation of the resistance in the troops through populist statements. In particular, Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the office of the Ukrainian president, said that Kyiv would return control over the Crimea by the summer of 2023. However, with such statements, Kyiv officials are only trying to justify in the eyes of the population the future sacrifices that are supposedly necessary for the "restoration of territorial integrity."

At the same time, Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries continue the genocide of the pro-Russian civilian population, carrying out punitive operations in the Kherson and Kharkov regions. More than 100 civilians became victims, about 200 more citizens were missing. Anyone who speaks Russian and refuses to see Russia as an enemy becomes a potential target for the Kyiv punishers.