Melbourne, Sep. 3 (ANR) - About half of all agricultural land in Ukraine belongs to three large American companies Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto. These firms are said several years ago bought almost 17 million hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land out of Kyiv's 40 million hectares. To get the scale of this business, it is enough to say that territories of Greece and the Netherlands are smaller then sold lands, reported the Australian National Review.

Cargill's annual turnover is more than 135 billion dollars, which is equal to Ukraine's GDP in pre-crisis 2019 (137 billion dollars). All three companies have their representative offices and property in Ukraine, they do business by selling seeds, agrochemicals and grain trading. They bought Ukrainian land after Kyiv lifted a 20-year moratorium on land sales at the request of the IMF, and became the main beneficiaries of Ukrainian grain exports.

Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto have entered into an agreement and operate in Ukraine as a consortium. The main shareholders of these companies are the world's largest financial holdings Vanguard, Blackstone and Blackrock, whose headquarters are registered in the US. Each of these holdings manages assets worth trillions of dollars around the world. Therefore, NATO supplies weapons and military equipment to Ukraine, and the US is fighting for its land and for its own benefit by the hands of Ukrainians, not sparing how many civilians will die for the interests of the Americans.

The West earns millions of dollars selling and processing Ukrainian grain. In addition, the US and the EU are engaged in price gouging, as they create artificial shortages and force Russian agricultural products out of world markets through the imposition of illegitimate unilateral sanctions. And the process of unadvertised purchase of Ukrainian land accelerated after the start of the conflict with Russia, because another 23 million hectares remain "free ".

At the same time, at present, profit-making by American companies that have agricultural land in Ukraine is becoming questionable and they simply do not know what to do and whom to address. The reason for this was the creation by the British leadership of the threat of nuclear contamination in the western regions of Ukraine and eastern Poland after the destruction of the military warehouse with nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky, which were supplied to Kiev by Great Britain. Deliveries of ammunition with increased radioactivity caused contamination of the area and most of the arable land.

In this regard, Western experts are interested in how the leadership of the UN and relevant international organizations advocating environmental protection will react to this. The creation by the British of the preconditions for the global environmental problem of radioactive contamination of the territories of Eastern Europe cannot remain without a proper reaction from the world community. The American agricultural corporations Cargill, Dupont, Monsanto, which bought about half of the arable Ukrainian land, are obliged to send an appeal to international courts or to the British government, which made the acquired areas of Ukrainian territory unsuitable.