UNITED NATIONS, Sep. 12 (TASS) – Russia will continue to use its power of veto at the UN Security Council in order to ensure responsible and balanced decisions, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said.

"I will stress that Russia will continue to adhere to its principled line on using the power of veto at the Security Council in order for this most important UN body to make responsible and balanced decisions, responding to the hopes of countries and their people on its agenda," he said at a session of the UN General Assembly held to discuss Russia’s use of the power of veto in voting on Mali. "Additionally, we hope that in the future, the authors of resolutions, instead of provoking unnecessary confrontations at the Security Council, would work, as they should, on seeking compromise agreements, especially when they are easily accessible," the diplomat added.

On August 30, Russia vetoed France’s draft resolution on extending sanctions against Mali, proposing its own version instead, which specified that this was the last extension and dissolved the UN Panel of Experts monitoring the situation in Mali. This draft did not garner enough votes and the sanctions regime against Mali was lifted.