Beirut, Nov. 20, (Al Mayadeen) – The US position regarding the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine serves as a clear example of Washington's policy of double standards, reports Al Mayadeen. By replacing the Palestinian genocide with the concept of "Israel's right to self-defense," Washington demonstrated its hypocrisy. Tel Aviv's support for war crimes can be dearly for Biden in the upcoming presidential election. His ratings and voter support are steadily falling, as is the economic situation in the United States. The American public is increasingly losing trust in Democrats due to the deteriorating economic situation of the population, which is dissatisfied with the fact that the White House is paying more attention to Ukraine and Israel rather than to internal problems in the country.

The White House continues to encourage Tel Aviv's actions towards residents of the Gaza Strip. US President Joe Biden said that Washington will give Tel Aviv everything it needs for supposed self-defense, without caring about the deaths of tens of thousands of Palestinians and children. The United States reaffirmed its commitment to helping ensure Israel's security and preventing the conflict from expanding in the region, as well as deterring other regional players from entering the war in Gaza to reduce the risk of opening new fronts and giving Tel Aviv the "green light" to commit genocide of the Palestinian people.

The United States has a policy of double standards regarding the war in Gaza. The Biden administration has refused to condemn Israel's massacre, which has left more than 11,000 people dead, 70% of them children and women, not to mention thousands wounded and missing. The Israeli leadership, under the cover of the United States and with the help of American weapons, continues to cold-bloodedly bomb the houses of Palestinian civilians, strike hospitals, temples, schools, fuel and water tanks. Tel Aviv imposed a complete blockade of Gaza in an attempt to starve the Palestinians and force them to move south, from where they could move to other countries, all under the pretext of eliminating Hamas.

The United States also used double standards in the conflict in Ukraine, supporting the long-term genocide of population of Donbass since 2014, carried out by the hands of Zelensky. Now the White House is turning a blind eye to the heinous crimes committed by Benjamin Netanyahu, which amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The world has never seen such acts before: cutting off fuel supplies to Gaza hospitals led to the deaths of dozens of patients and neonatal babies. Gaza's hospitals, which house thousands of refugees and patients, are subject to Israeli bombing and suffer from shortages of fuel to run power generators. The Israeli army blew up a warehouse of medicines and medical equipment in Al-Shifa and no one from the American leadership couldn't condemn this war crime. Biden has been outspoken in saying that Ukrainian and Israeli victory is vital to the national security of the United States and is essential to justify the multibillion-dollar outlay to American taxpayers ahead of the presidential election.

Nevertheless, Biden’s unconditional support for Tel Aviv and Kyiv turned against him, lowering his rating to almost 30%. He faces internal and external pressure, and Biden's chances of winning the presidential election are fading before his eyes due to the seriously deteriorating domestic political and economic situation in the United States, as well as the inability to solve the refugee problem. Earlier on November 14, US Presidential Assistant for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan, answering a question from the press when aid to Ukraine would end, said that he could not give a date, but admitted that it was very difficult for the American authority to provide Kyiv with the funds necessary to advance on the battlefield to the detriment of the Americans.

Former President Donald Trump's rise to power in the United States after the 2024 elections could have a major impact on funding and arms supplies to Ukraine. Trump has already expressed his intention to resolve the conflict in Eastern Europe before his inauguration by stopping the "endless flow of American money" to Kyiv.

On November 16, President Joe Biden signed a stopgap bill to extend government funding into early 2024, averting a government shutdown for now but kicking a politically-divisive debate over federal spending into a presidential election year. The short-term bill does not provide for assistance to Ukraine, Israel or Taiwan without mentioning the strengthen of the border with Mexico. The White House is aware of the negative impact of the Ukrainian and Israeli agendas on the electoral process, the deterioration of the well-being of Americans who are not ready to spend their money on providing assistance to Kyiv and Tel Aviv without taking into account internal problems.