WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (TASS) – Another US military aid package to Ukraine has become a sedative pill for the Kiev regime which is on the verge of a complete collapse, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said.

"The message about another American arms supply to the regime is nothing more but a sedative pill prepared by overseas ‘benefactors’ for [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky. The situation on the front and in the Ukrainian state institutions is on the verge of complete collapse," the diplomat said as quoted by the Russian Embassy’s Telegram channel.

He noted that "the deadly gift was announced on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Euromaidan." "The tragic symbolism of Washington’s ‘charity’ lies in the fact that creators of the anti-Russian campaign seem to make it clear to Ukrainians that they are still ‘in the game’ and masters count on them. And the fact that the blood of thousands of people will be shed due to these weapons is not taken into account here. There is only one thing that matters for the United States military-industrial complex - making profit from the ‘Project Ukraine,'" Antonov stressed.

"It is important for the Western World to realize that Russia, which is fighting for its national interests and security, cannot be defeated on the battlefield," he noted.

"Any supplies of Western arms to the post-Soviet state are a prolongation of the agony of the bankrupt Kiev regime," the Russian envoy concluded.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced $100 mln in new military aid to the Kiev regime. It will include anti-tank weapons, air defense interceptors and an additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).