Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 9 - Supporters of the dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party in Germany (CNRP-Germany) issued a statement to oppose Sam Rainsy’s December Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, US, where Rainsy was elected as Acting President of the dissolved CNRP.

According to the statement, CNRP-Germany supporters claimed that they firmly uphold the spirit of unity and respect the party's by-laws and internal rules; thus, they considered the appointment of Rainsy as the Acting President contradicted the party's by-laws.

It is worth noting that subsequent reactions from former President of the dissolved party Kem Sokha's supporters were made following the appointment of Rainsy as the Acting President at the conference in Atlanta in December 2018.

Kem Sokha himself did not support and recognize the conference. Meanwhile, Kem Sokha's daughters and other opposition supporters of Kem Sokha side also criticized the Atlanta Conference as a further disunity of the dissolved party.