Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 27 – An exiled former opposition leader Sam Rainsy, on Wednesday, wrote a statement on his Facebook urging the international community to hurriedly suspend free trade privileges from Cambodia, which is a complete waste of interests of Cambodian people at large.

Shortly after the statement released, Cambodian people blatantly criticized Rainsy’s statement, calling the convicted Rainsy “selfish” who put self-interest above national interests.

Vicheka Nuth commented below the statement that, “I have never seen Aung San Suu Kyi demanded sanctions from the international community; she only urges for supports,” whereas Sophat Jetli commented that the sanctions would not affect the government, but Cambodian people.

Dany Se asked who would be the real loser if the sanctions last over decade; Neth Savuth wrote, “Everyone seeks foreign investment. Sam Rainsy, however, only thinks about his interests; he does not care whether Cambodian people lose their jobs.”

Seam Panha questioned, “Sam Rainsy always said he loves Khmer, but I don’t know why he urged for sanctions against Khmer.”

Other criticisms can be found in the screenshot below: