Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 29 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen warned the United States not to commit another mistake that would destroy the happiness of Cambodian people who are living harmoniously under the roof of peace.

Addressing at the inauguration of Win-win Memorial on Saturday, the fact that Cambodia’s plunge into war and destruction for almost three decades was due to the March 1970’s coup against the late King Norodom Sihanouk by General Lon Nol backed by the US.

According to the Strongman of Cambodia, the US has committed two mistakes that destroyed the kingdom and inflicted extreme pains to her people. The first mistake was supporting Lon Nol to overthrow the late King. The second was recognizing the Khmer Rouge’s seat at the United Nations for twelve years, whose vastly destructive regime that lasted 3 years 8 months, 20 days, abolished private property, personal possessions, socializing, marriage, religion, liberty, where the nationwide cities evacuated, hospitals emptied, schools closed, factories deserted, libraries emptied, freedom of the press, movement, worship all completely disappeared and worse around 1.7 million Cambodians had lost their lives from torture, hunger, and overwork.

Prime Minister highlighted that peace is difficult to achieve, however, invaluable. Peace allows Cambodia to change from zero trade worth to US$25,000 million per annum, of which Cambodia exports US$12,000 million worth annually; change Cambodia from welcoming zero tourists to six million per annum; change from US$200 GDP per capita to approximately US$1,600 per capita.

Premier Hun Sen hopes the US and their allies will not commit the third mistake that would destroy the development and happiness of Cambodian people under the excuse of strengthening human rights and democracy.

“Is supporting coup d'état “democratic”? Supporting Pol Pot who murdered almost two million of Cambodians, is that human rights,” he asked.