Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 7 – Approximately 70,000 Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) members and supporters, on Monday morning, gathered at the Phnom Penh’s Olympic Stadium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Kingdom’s liberation from Khmer Rouge regime on 7 January 1979.

The Cambodian people has named the 7-January-1979 their second birthdays. On this auspicious occasion and in in response to sacred aspiration and confidence of the Cambodian people, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, head of the ruling CPP, underline the following four major guarantees:

(1) To safeguard peace, stability, security, and safety in villages-communes for peaceful lives of people in every corner of the country; defend independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity from invasion and destruction by any forces.

(2) To ensure continued socio-economic development in every sector focusing on reform of governance aimed at strengthening public institutions and building clean administration and improved quality of public services; ensure strong, sustainable, inclusive, and equitable macro-economic growth; to continue focusing on investment in human capital and increase further public-private investment.

(3) To improve people’s living condition by providing youths with quality vocational training; to assist farmers in expanding their productions and marketing their produces. To continue increase wages and advantages, improve working conditions and safeguard jobs for workers. To increase salary and pension for public officials, retirees, and veterans; and expand networks of supply and reduction of prices of electricity and clean water.

(4) To ensure people have social safety and stability in their life, at present and to the future, through developing and strengthening effective and sustainable social protection for everyone, especially the poor and vulnerable, leaving no one in suffering without being taken care of.