Phnom Penh (FN), March 4 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen reminded all government officials to be highly responsible for their duties and warned that it takes only 15 minutes to dismiss any official.

Prime Minister said that every officer must carry out his duties and always take two motives and five approaches.

“We have two motives – internal interferences and make friends based on our independence and sovereignty – combined with five approaches for better governance – self-reflection, showering, exfoliation, treatment and surgery,” Cambodian Strongman underlined.

"To dismiss official, it takes me only 15 minutes to stamp and send it immediately to Fresh News for the quick broadcast," he added.

Prime Minister recently ordered to remove two Sihanoukville deputy governors, namely Srun Sron and Phay Bunvannak, for using excessive force against villagers during clashes on land issue in Prey Nop district, Sihanoukville late January, according to the sub-decree dated first of March.

“I have to take out gravel and sand from my shoes so that I can walk further.”

Rattanakiri royal gendarmerie commander Kim Raksmey was also eliminated from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, according to the royal decree dated 09 February 2019.

Commander Kim Raksmey, on 5 February 2019, announced to give US$100,000 to each of his five children, adding up to US$500,000 in total.

“This is hurtful fifth approach, surgery, in removing Commander from RCAF [which the kingdom has never done before],” he said on his official Facebook page shortly following the royal decree.