Phnom Penh (FN), March 6 - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen called on all film directors to thoroughly review the plots prior to filming to ensure the films mirror social reality, addressing to the local artists at the 21st National Culture Day on Wednesday at Koh Pich.

“I watch it twice the scene where the 40-year-old woman has a 25-year daughter. It implies that the woman married at the age of 14. The plot contradicts Cambodian law and traditional practice,” Prime Minister Hun Sen stated.

“The films shall reflect legal and traditional aspects,” he appealed.

Cambodia celebrates National Culture Day every year on 3 March to serve as the remembrances for the invaluable arts left by Cambodian ancestors.

National Culture Day aims to promote Cambodian culture and inspires the next generation youth to love, preserve, and to sustain the cultural heritages of Cambodia; to embrace diversity and solidarity; and ensure peace and development.

"As 90% of Cambodia’s artists did not survive the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia’s artistic heritage was in danger of being lost forever."