Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 18 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has mocked convict Sam Rainsy over baseless accusation that Premier Hun Sen secretly changed Thai Airways’ ticket to prevent Sam Rainsy from boarding the plane from Paris to Bangkok, speaking in the graduation ceremony on Monday.

“The world must be afraid of Hun Sen. If Hun Sen can hack into Thai Airways system [as accused by Rainsy] to change the ticket, then Hun Sen could also hack into banking system,” said Prime Minister.

“If Rainsy dares to lie on such international level, we cannot imagine how much he would lie on simple cases,” he added.

Rainsy failed to return to Cambodia, as Thai Airways stated that exiled Cambodian opposition politician Sam Rainsy was not allowed to board a flight from Paris to Bangkok because his booking was not valid.

Sam Rainsy wrote on Facebook, “I just figured it out. Hun Sen is behind the change of my flight from 7 November to 9 November.”