Banteay Meanchey (FN), Nov. 11 — After seeing the suffering of the people who faced the natural disaster which occured one time in one hundred years (1|100year)

, The record of flooding never be observed in historyand COVID-19 also, The EPC contractor for 30MWp solar power plant brouth money and foods to the victims at Preah Netr Preah district in Banteay Meanchey Province.

The charity event was participated by Kheng Su, Chief of Banteay Meanchey Council, the Solar Power Company’s owner Chang Wei Ming, the representative of the Managing Director from China Energy Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., and Fang Xue Yang, the Representative Manager from Anhui NO2 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd.

The company was built by installing for the B Grimm Solar Power1 station, producing 30MW solar power. The construction started in April and will finish at the end of 2020.
Chang Wei Ming stated that, on behalf of the company, he hopes that the aids will contribute to promoting Cambodia-China relations

He continued that this company that builds solar power stations will contribute to improving people's livelihood and Cambodia’s economy.
On that occasion, he pays his gratitude to Prime Minister Hun Sen, who allows his company to invest in Cambodia and tighten the friendship between Cambodian-China for many years.

The company had provided 160 old and poor families including per family 50kg of rice, 24 bottles of water, 3 dozen canned fish, one case of noodle, and money.