Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 24 – Arrests of unlawful Mother Nature movement’s (MNM) three activists on charges of insulting King - the Cambodia’s most revered figure - and treason conspiracy have been taken advantages by foreign media outlets and “a small group” of expatriates - who claimed themselves love Cambodia than the Cambodian people do - as well as by a few international and local civil societies and NGOs, with them exaggerating the motives leading to their arrests.

They shamelessly accused authorities of acting “fiercely” against environmentalists who had merely voiced their “loves of environment and nature resources.” Despite knowing the truths, they acted “ignorantly” and tried to mislead the local and international public, accusing Cambodia for the sake of their “political agenda” and for revenge and protection of “their puppets” who work to execute their plan, making them the victims of the alleged “suppression” on freedom of expression.

Leaking evidence, both in forms of document and footage, shows that the suspects are not “sincere environment and natural resources’ lovers;” they take “environment and natural resources” as pretexts to accomplish their other targets. The three arrested suspects, who were charged on 20th June, also recognized and admitted that “they had committed the felony under the Mother Nature movement; their ultimate goal was to rise up and topple the government through a non-democracy way – the democracy which is prescribed in the Cambodia’s Constitution.”

Their confessions deemed as a “slap in the face” of their “unrest” mastermind, made the international and local public clear of the cunning scheme attempted by the small group – composed of some Cambodians and expatriates, whose ambition was to destroy Cambodia – and uncovered the “wolf who disguised in sheep’s wool.”
Why do some groups of locals and expatriates try defend the suspects and exaggerate the truth and what is their mechanism? First, they built and established a network and worked together to attack and criticize the
government through their media outlets and social networks. In their attempt to harm Cambodia, the groups were divided and tasked to confront, both directly and indirectly, with the government by making the “spotlights” out of the event under the human right and democracy umbrella.

Firstly, while some wrote articles to publish and share, others issued political messages to support and encourage more “wrongdoings,” citing freedom of expression. They paid some journalists to write “unprofessional and political-oriented” articles, with contents were laid out and intended. Secondly, this was seen as a long-term campaign where financial backers might make use in the region’s geopolitical struggle, with an attempt to establish a government “of their line.” Thirdly, if they fail in this attempt, they will continue to persecute Cambodia, just like now and in the past.

Their whatsoever hypes always fail! Every ill-attempt and scheme of the outlawed group was uncovered by the law enforcement and their “foreign bosses” were embarrassed in front of the world. For instance, the fact behind the arrests of the Mother Nature Movement activists was being revealed and the “chorus teams” began to “wake up” and started to feel ashamed of themselves for their hypes and framing Cambodia.

The suspects - “professional victims” - gradually revealed their ill intention, working under the images of environmental and natural resource protections to commit treason and even dare to insult the untouchable King. The process of turning from once-the-most active catalyst for the “color revolution” to being “professional victims” has publicly been explained. On 23rd June, the Ministry of Interior issued a press release, detailing the MNM’s outlawed acts as followed:
1. Mother Nature Organization was registered with the MoI on 5th September 2002 by chairman Venerable Prom Thomacheat. Based on his request dated 23rd August 2017, the ministry decided to omit the organization from its NGOs list on 15th September 2017. Therefore, by law, MNM no longer exists and is not legitimate to perform its mission in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
2. Despite this, the Spaniard Alexandro Gonzalez Davidson, expelled from Cambodia on 23rd February 2015, has continued to manage MNM’s activities from abroad to maintain its internal forces and to commit unlawful acts. For instance, on 14th May 2021, the Spaniard led an “online” meeting with his three activists, when they heavily criticized and insulted the King and the government. Such activities were parts of their scheme to harm national integrity and to violate the Kingdom‘s Constitution in a bid to incite social unrest and harm the national stability - the acts must be curbed by the authorities.
3. The footage evidence obtained by the authorities showed clearly that the outlawed MNC’s recent activities were not for the sake of the “genuine” protection of environment and natural resources. Instead, those activities were embedded with ill attempts to incite and gather forces to rise up and wreck havoc in the country.

Therefore, truths were revealed! The suspects’ acts were not truly the acts of “loves the environment and natural resources,” but a sham to hide their ill-attempt to overthrow the current government, under the instruction and fund supported by “foreign backers and terrorists” to destroy Cambodia. Cambodian people began to realize that what the groups was doing was not sincerely intended to help Cambodia, but was to execute their foreign-instructed “cunning scheme” to defame and destroy Cambodia. However, the small, extremist group’s campaign to mislead the public was uncovered and the world no longer fall for the handful, multinational group’s tricks.

By Chao Chak Smok
Phnom Penh, 24rd June 2021