Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 31 – To contribute to Phnom Penh City Hall fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure schools have safe environments for students when they reopen, the global Partnership for Healthy Cities network has provided 32 washing stations, 86 alcohol dispensers, 86 isopropyl alcohol (5L) containers, and 470 banners/posters on Covid-19 measures to 43 schools in Phnom Penh under the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Phnom Penh - Phnom Penh City Hall. The handover event was inaugurated by His Excellency Nuon Pharat, Vice Governor of Phnom Penh, and was attended by the Director of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Phnom Penh and school directors. The total assistance provided totals up to approximately $25,000 US Dollars.

The 43 schools includes: Kolab Ti 1 Primary School, Wat Koh Primary School, Wat Neak Van Primary School, Beung Salang Primary School, Wat Toul Tumpung Primary School, Preah PunLea Primary School, Prek Prakrom Primary School, Chbar Ompov 2 Primary School, Reusey Sros Primary School, Wat Knung Primary School, Chamrouen Rath Primary School, Por Chentong Primary School, Hun Sen Sopheakhoun Primary School, Chhumpuvan Primary School, Phnom Penh Thmey Primary School, Krang Thnung Primary School, Trapang Svay Primary School, Nak UK Nha Hun Neang Yamakiko Primary School, Bunrang Hun Sen Samaki Primary School, Dankor Primary School, Primary School Primary School, O Ura Trakear Primary School, Wat Ha Primary School, Trapang Sala Primary School, Sre Nhor Primary School, Pong Teuk Primary School, Krang Pongror, Rolous Primary School, Hun Sen Chak Angre Primary School, Wat Sonsomkusal Primary School, Wat Dambokhpous Primary School, Steung Mean Chey Primary School, Phum Reusey Primary School, Wat Krous Primary School, Samrong Cheung, Toul Sakor Primary School, Ponhea Pon Primary School, Thnout Kbous Primary School, Kob Srov Primary School, Chroy Changva Primary School, Keo Sot Chab Yen Pratas Lang Primary School, Phum Ang Primary School, Pleung Chhes Rotes Primary School.

Recognizing the necessity to keep urban services functioning as best as possible to limit negative impact of Covid-19, the Partnership for Healthy Cities has taken a stand in supporting member cities with funding to help maintain urban services. In Phnom Penh, the funding is targeted at supporting primary schools, markets and municipal administrative offices to welcome people in the safest ways possible, that is by ensuring all can practice preventive behaviors, as recommended by WHO.
Phnom Penh has a total of 548 public schools and private schools (Grade 1-12) with approximately 343,800 students or equivalent to more than 15% of Phnom Penh’s population.

This project is supported by the Partnership for Healthy Cities, which is a global network of cities committed to saving lives by preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries. Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the World Health Organization and Vital Strategies, this initiative enables cities around the world to deliver a high-impact policy or programmatic intervention to reduce NCDs and injuries in their communities. The Partnership for Healthy Cities has expanded its support to cities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Phnom Penh City Hall was selected for implementation of a 6-month project to highly encourage the Capital’s residents to practice adapted behavior in the wake of the pandemic, with a specific focus on schools, markets and municipal administrative offices. Phnom Penh and the Partnership for Healthy Cities have already been successfully working together since 2018 on raising awareness on the long-term dangers of sugary drinks consumption in public schools.