Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 29 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen requested to insert 29 December, the anniversary of Win-win Policy, as national day but not public holiday, speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the administration building of the Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday.

“From next year, 29 December can be included as national day but not a public holiday. The purpose is to commemorate national unification, the end of chronic civil war, and total peace to the nation,” the premier underlined.

29 December 2021 marks the 23rd anniversary of the Win-win Policy, a compass that completely ended the civil war nationwide and has brought absolute peace and stability to the Kingdom until these days.

For 23 years, Cambodia is a war-free nation, paving ways for socio-economic development with an economic growth rate in circle of seven per cent per annum.

Win-win Policy comprises of three key components: ensuring everyone with the right to live; ensuring everyone with jobs and careers for decent livings; and ensuring the protections of all their assets.