Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 23 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen has set out nine guidelines to all relevant ministries, institutions and authorities to enforce in order to maintain the kingdom’s peace in the present and future.

The premier spoke at the annual meeting of the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday afternoon.

The nine guidelines are as follow:

1. Continue to work together to maintain peace, political, stability and national sovereignty, protect constitutional monarchy, promote liberal-multi-party democracy, protect and promote the rights and freedoms of the people, and strengthen the rule of law in accordance with the Constitution and the laws in force.

2. Continue to maintain security and public order on a regular basis, reform the national police forces, prevent all forms of terrorism, transnational crime, cybercrimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking and sex trafficking, and other crimes.

3. Continue to strengthen campaigns against illegal drugs in a transparent manner.

4. Educate people about traffic laws, put more traffic signs and ensure traffic order on the streets.

5. Counter money laundering and terrorism financing to ensure the kingdom’s honour and prestige and to contribute to maintaining regional and international peace.

6. Strengthen immigration control, prevent illegal immigration, terrorism, and cross-border crimes of all kinds.

7. Set out the principles and measures to effectively implement the safe village-commune policy.

8. Promote the effectiveness of public services and strengthen the capacity of subnational administrations.

9. Continue to fight against COVID19 by strictly adhere to health measure and living the new normal.