Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 3 – On 1 March 2022, Huawei Cambodia delegation, led by Mr. Ewan DONG, Chief Communication Officer, paid a visit to Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) to share their latest technologies and thoughts on various topics, such as electronic vehicle(EV) charging solution, international EV policy and development progress, and smart government solution. His Excellency SUN Chanthol, Senior Minister of MPWT, led a big team to participate the sharing and discussion.

During the meeting, His Excellency SUN Chanthol, Senior Minister of MPWT, started with briefing the development of EV and charging stations in Cambodia. Mr. Ewan DONG introduced the latest Huawei business development status and expressed the strong wills to cooperate with MPWT. The meeting then followed by a sharing from Mr. Darren, Head of Marketing of Digital Power Business, giving an introduction on Huawei newly founded business group - Digital Power Business. Huawei Smart EV Charging solution is a part of the Digital Power Business, which can provide efficiency, safety, reliable and smart maintenance to the long term development of EV industry.

Mr. Darren also elaborated on the charging industry development insight. As the pioneer in the EV industry for more than 10 years, China set a role model for other countries who just step into it. Proper business planning, strategies and smart solution are the key for the investment. Huawei is able to build a smart charging network with high efficiency, excellent quality and good experience for the consumer.

Mr. Kim ZHAO, Director of Huawei Cambodia Government & Enterprise Business introduced the Smart Government solution. The solution can utilize cloud, AI, data center to provide various multi-channel public services to citizens, which can bring tremendous efficiency, convenience and security to the people.

Mr. HEANG Sotheayuth, Ministry’s Spokesman and Director Of Information Technology Department, added that MPWT has been working on the digital transformation which is focused on 4 main aspects: to improve the efficiency of public works and provide better experience of public service, internal administration system, road maintenance and quality supervision system, as well as inter-ministries system integration.

His Excellency SUN Chanthol, Senior Minister of MPWT, concluded the meeting with appreciation to Huawei delegation and designated MPWT officials to talk with Huawei for more potential collaborations. “This meeting is indeed a good timing and fruitful as both side share the same vision which is to accelerate digital transformation in Cambodia. The presentation is so knowledgeable and impressive. We are not so aware that Huawei has the power related solution. MPWT is the major Ministry in Cambodia which supports technology and innovation a lot. I warmly welcome Huawei as a world leading tech company to participate MPWT’s transformation and innovation.” said His Excellency SUN Chanthol, Senior Minister of MPWT.

MPWT and Huawei are willing and working closely together for the possibilities of cooperation especially in the area of EV charging station and digital transformation of the ministry.