Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 5 – The Ministry of Justice’s spokesperson Chin Malin clarified and explained details of the case of misleading allegations formed by the lawyers representing former president of the court-dissolved opposition party Kem Sokha on Saturday.

The spokesperson clarifies as follow:

1. Kem Sokha and his lawyers are trying to mislead the public by stating that the evidence of the video clip is fake.

2. Regarding the content of the video clip, there were two important points that the public and observers noticed:

Firstly, the video clip is not a fake or an edited video. The video clip shows that Kem Sokha announced his plans to overthrow the legitimate government to his supporters. In this regard, Kem Sokha also admitted his guilt. Therefore, there are sufficient evidences to charge and accuse Kem Sokha of conspiring with foreigners to topple the legitimate Royal Government of Cambodia.

Secondly, the video clip also shows that Kem Sokha did mention trainings he received from foreign countries in order to topple the legitimate government following the models of Yugoslavia and Serbia.

3. In any foreign-related case, the court has decided to use English alphabet to represent foreign country in order to avoid negative effects on Cambodian foreign affairs. Evidences also show that the political activities of Kem Sokha were also supported by foreign organizations.

4. The accusation over the postponement of the trial is inappropriate. Kem Sokha's criminal case is related to national security. There are many evidences needed to be examined and each party has rights to provide more evidences. The court must proceed in accordance with legal procedures to ensure that the rights of the parties are guaranteed.