Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 7 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen announced that Cambodian citizens are not allowed to serve as volunteer soldiers to fight in the Russia-Ukraine war, speaking in an inauguration ceremony of Cambodia-China Friendship Hospital in Tbong Khmum province on Monday.

“Volunteering to fight in Russia-Ukraine war is like pouring gasoline on fire,” said the premier, adding that he will not allow Cambodians to die on Ukraine territory.

On 27 February 2022, premier Hun Sen said that the Russian forces may not be able to overthrow Ukraine by military mean and it is the same for Ukraine. The only possible solution is peaceful negotiations.

Peaceful negotiations through the win-win policy allowed Cambodia to achieve complete peace in 1998 and let her people live in peace and prosperity. Cambodia would be at war now if none peaceful negotiations were made, according to the premier.

Samdech added that Russia-Ukraine solutions should take place in two ways: one is a talk between Russia and Ukraine to resolve their bilateral conflict, and the another is a talk between Russia and NATO to address Russia's security concerns.