Phnom Penh 01 September 2022 — Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation – OCIC welcomed Malaysia Retail Chain Association – MRCA delegates and signed a Memorandum of Understanding; a move that is set to be a boost for OCIC’s existing clients and investors base for its various line of businesses which includes shopping centers, aviation, satellite city development, real estate development, construction and construction supplies, hotels and resorts, education, agriculture, leisure and culture, medical, newspaper and printing.

OCIC brought nearly 65 delegates of MRCA led by Dato Vincent Choo, MRCA’s Deputy President and Organizing Chairman, and His Excellency Mr. Cheuy Vichet, the Cambodian Ambassador to Malaysia, to various exciting retail business units of OCIC, including The Olympia Mall and The Promenade Des Champs Élysées.

The Olympia Mall furthers its bid to strengthen its core messaging “Enjoy it all” by launching The Olympia Fun Fair and Education Fair providing prospective students with the opportunity to meet other university representatives whilst featuring a grander lineup of local and international restaurants, live musical and cultural performances, and loads of fun activities that the whole community is welcome to enjoy in conjunction with the MRCA delegates visit.

The Promenade Des Champs Élysées, on the other hand, has been transformed into a stretch filled with over 60 local and international restaurants and street food fairs with a delightful outdoor setting that made the delegates daydream of a walk in the Champs Élysées in Paris.

The visit concluded with a grand investors’ night “Grandeur” at the awe-inspiring Koh Pich City Hall as dusk approached which provided the MRCA delegates an opportunity to connect with OCIC Management and other local investors after the signing of the MOU agreement.

“OCIC’s retails business units will serve as a cultural and historical manifesto for Phnom Penh, a celebration of its heritage and future, establishing a place of economic and civic vibrancy, life and activity.” Shared Lim Lychin, Director of Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation – OCIC and Mega Asset Management Co., Ltd.

“We are optimistic that strong bilateral trade figures and multiple other reasons including the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Malaysia Retail Chain Association – MRCA will continue to drive the Malaysian business community to the resilient Cambodian economy, something we OCIC are ready to welcome.” Lim Lychin added.

The MRCA delegates also explored areas of partnership in OCIC’s other projects aside from its retail business unit. The visit also aimed at establishing strategic partnerships in areas of mutual interest to both organizations.