Siem Reap (FN), Sep. 14 – President of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce Kith Meng, and also chairman of ASEAN Business Advisory Council, hosted the 94th ASEAN Business Advisory Council meeting (ASEAN-BAC) with the participation from ASEAN Business Advisory Council members, held on Wednesday (Sep 14) in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The main agendas for discussion as follow:

1. Updating on ASEAN Business Advisory Council Members;

2. Approval of the 93rd Minutes Meeting;

3. Discussion on the remaining issues from the 93rd Meeting;

4. Approval of the agendas of the 94th Meeting;

5. Updating of projects of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council such as (a) organizing the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, (b) Organizing ASEAN Business Awards, (c) Dialogue between ASEAN Leaders and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council;

6. Cooperation on new projects such as (a) Intellectual Property Partnership, (b) ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership 2023, (c) the 8th ASEAN Economic Community Dialogue;

7. Preparation of the meeting between the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and the ASEAN Economic Ministers, which will present a report with seven recommendations to the ASEAN Economic Ministers for consideration and decision; and

8. Other issues.