Beijing, (FN), Feb. 10 – The Cambodian and Chinese governments have upgraded the existing cooperation to diamond cooperation.

Under the diamond cooperation, Cambodia and China have agreed to develop a cooperation framework focusing on five areas: politics, production, agriculture, energy and security.

The framework for cooperation in these areas is detailed as follows:

1. Politics: make full use of the role of the Cambodia-China Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee, strengthen cross-border exchanges at all levels within the framework of the party and the youth, and continue to build the China–Cambodia Community with a Shared Future.

2. Production Capacity: strengthen strategic cooperation and bonds between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Rectangular Strategy; develop Sihanoukville to become a model multi-purpose special economic zone and increase cooperation in the fields of transportation, electricity, fiber optic cable, warehousing and logistics, and China will support Cambodia in developing railway projects.

3. Agriculture: conduct feasibility study to establish an economic pole of fish and rice, develop modern ecological agriculture, accelerate development plans for modern agriculture, seek cooperation in digital agriculture, and support modernization of aquaculture, tropical plantations and other potential sectors.

4. Energy: promote cooperation on hydropower, light energy and other clean energy sources, seek solutions for green energy cooperation, stability and reliability.

5. Security: promote joint exercises and training, and exchange information between law enforcement officers and cover the areas of science, technology, education, culture, tourism, health and people-to-people exchanges.