Beijing (FN), Feb. 10 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen and his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang reaffirmed their commitment to elevating cooperation to high-level in all forms for the development of strategic ties and political trusts.

China announced four political stances with Cambodia as follows: first, supporting Cambodia's development path in accordance with its national conditions; second, supporting Cambodia's efforts to protect sovereignty, security, and development interests; third, supporting subsequent development on Cambodia's political agenda; and fourth, absolutely opposing interference in Cambodia's domestic affairs.

In this regard, Cambodia declared three policies as follows: first, adhering to One-China Policy; second, opposing external interference in China's domestic affairs; and third, supporting China in defending her core interests and national unity.

Cambodia and China also announced the inauguration of Cambodia-China Friendship Year to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Cambodia-China diplomatic ties and effectively deepen the building of Cambodia-China Community with a Shared Future.

The Chinese counterpart also praised the kingdom's important achievements in national stability, prosperity and expanding Cambodia's prestige on the international stage.