Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 14 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen and Lao prime minister Sonexay Siphandone discussed and examined the possibility of jointly transmitting electricity from Laos through Cambodia for Singapore’s market.

Cambodian minister delegate to the prime minister Sok Chenda Sophea said in a press conference on the outcomes of premier Hun Sen's two-day visit to Laos, on Tuesday (Feb. 14).

Sophea said that in 2023-2024, Cambodia will import more electricity from Laos as Cambodia has predicted that its economy will grow, therefore the supply will also increase to meet the demand.

"Not only to bring Lao electricity to sell in Cambodia, the discussion between the two prime ministers also touched on transmitting electricity from Laos through Cambodia to sell to Singapore. Electricity of Laos now passes through Thailand to sell to Malaysia,” Sophea added. “Transmission of electricity from Laos to a non-partisan country has already been completed. Therefore, this cooperation is something that countries in the region have built in the spirit of ASEAN member states."

Sophea continued, the cooperation in the energy sector between Cambodia and Laos will be further boosted by the fact that Cambodia and Laos have signed an agreement to purchase coal-fired electricity to supply Cambodia. The electricity that Cambodia has been buying from Laos is hydropower.