Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 27 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said the kingdom needs to further increase the number of technician to meet the demand of both local and foreign investment, speaking at the graduation of National Technical Training Institute students, held on Monday (Feb. 27) at OCIC, Phnom Penh.

The premier underlined that if Cambodia does not have enough human resource, the kingdom will not attract local investment, not to mention foreign investors.

Samdech said, "now the demand for technicians is bigger. On one hand, it serves the existing domestic demand, and on the other hand, it attracts foreign investment."

Premier Hun Sen recalled that in 1996, the National Technical Training Institute had only about 200 students with difficulty finding jobs because the country was still in war. He added that the institute was established in 1958 under the original name "Preah Kosomak Center" under the leadership of the late-king father Norodom Sihanouk.

According to the premier, technical training has been the focus of the late king father since the late 1950s, but was disrupted by war. Due to the high demand for these professional skills in Cambodia, it was decided to set a target to recruit about 1.5 million poor people for vocational training.

Samdech continued, Cambodia's main goal is to attract investment in the processing industry on domestic products like cashew nuts and also high-tech industries.

The premier also reiterated the importance of peace, saying "no investors invest in a country that lacks peace and political stability."