Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 28 – A former co-founder of Mother Nature Movement Meng Heng has issued a statement, calling on environmental activists and youths to join his Mother Nature Organization.

In a letter seen by Fresh News, Meng Heng stated, "I would like to call on members of Mother Nature Movement which conducted illegal activities to join my Mother Nature Organization in order to contribute to protection of peace, development and sovereignty under the leadership of the government.”

Meng Heng stated that "Mother Nature Movement headed by Alex Gonzalez-Davidson has used the pretext of protecting the environment in Cambodia to create a color revolution in order to overthrow the Royal Government and destroy Cambodia’s prestige."

Meng Heng would also like to express his deepest gratitude to Cambodian government for allowing him to legally establish Mother Nature Organization in order to contribute to the protection of environment in Cambodia.

Meng Heng pledged to study in depth the Royal Government's policies to protect environment, and to mobilize the real mother nature activists to serve the country’s long-term interests.