Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 8 – The Demo Day of the “IDEAs Come True” Business Idea Boost Camp in Cambodia 2023 was successfully held on Tuesday, 28 February at the Khmer Enterprise head office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The event was co-hosted by Merry Year Foundation, a social welfare organization specializing in self-reliance support in South Korea, and Merry Year International, a non-governmental organization specializing in international development cooperation. The program is sponsored by Khmer Enterprise, an institution providing entrepreneurship support, under the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia.

"The teams presented business ideas in various fields, such as manufacturing, green energy, agriculture, and wholesale. Among them, 4 teams with the following ideas were awarded: manufacturing and sales of handcrafted copper ornaments (team Madam Chnai), production and sales of beverages made from processed agricultural products (team Domnork Tek), sales of organic compost and support for organic farming methods (team V FARM), and ethical pig breeding through circular agriculture (team DAI Farm). Each team received grants to help put their ideas into action: USD4,500 for first place, USD3,000 for second place, and USD1,500 for third place," according to the press release seen by Fresh News on Wednesday (Mar 8).

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