Kampong Thom (FN), Mar. 9 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen shared six recommendations at the 7th River Festival held on Thursday (Mar. 9) in Kampong Thom, emphasizing that peace promotes social development, boosts tourism sector, and attracts tourists.

The six points are as follows:

1. Stakeholders and citizens must maintain peace at all cost to ensure development. Cambodia is now gradually beginning to receive national and international tourists worldwide with its successful control of COVID19. No peace, no development; no peace, no respect for human rights and democracy.

2. Continue to pay high attention to maintaining security and order, especially to promote the implementation of the safe village-commune policy thoroughly and consistently.

3. Relevant ministries and institutions and provincial administrations around the Tonle Sap Lake must continue to conduct measurement work and land allocation from Area 2 and Area 3 and to provide land ownership to the people.

4. Relevant ministries and institutions must continue to give priority to the development of areas surrounding rivers, especially the Tonle Sap Lake, including the construction of necessary infrastructure for tourism, connectivity and transportation, especially to examine the feasibility of building bridges and roads from Kampong Chhnang to Kampong Thom.

5. Continue to boost production to supply tourists with an on-site export goal. Cambodia must strive to promote production in accordance with the standards to serve the tourism sector, especially to create a green belt in the tourism area. Separately, for Kampong Thom province, the premier also requested the competent ministries and institutions to prioritize the promotion of cultivation, production and market search to promote the agricultural sector.

6. Relevant ministries, institutions, authorities, armed forces, citizens and the private sector jointly promote clean city, clean resort, good service, good hospitality and cooperation to maintain the beauty, hygiene and environment.

On that occasion, premier Hun Sen also underlined that the Royal Government of Cambodia will continue its efforts to protect and conserve the environment and natural resources to make the river areas an attractive tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Samdech announced to support the organization of the river festival annually by taking turns in the provinces surrounding the river.