Pursat (FN), Mar. 14 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that the wood burning in Europe is on the rise as gas supply from Russia cut off due to sanctions.

The premier spoke during inspection of construction progress of Stung Pursat 1 Hydropower Plant, held on Tuesday morning (Mar 14) in Pursat province.

Premier Hun Sen said, "as Europe imposes heavy sanctions on Russia and some European countries do not buy gas from Russia, the need to burn woods for energy in Europe is on the rise.”

Samdech continued, some European countries were forced to use coal again, which destroyed their climate commitment announced in 2021.

On that occasion, premier Hun Sen underlined that the climate change agreement (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) is no longer significant because the countries that pledged to reduce the use of coal-fired power plants are now back to use coals to generate power.