Phnom Penh (FN), Mar. 20 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen said that his life has always been in danger on political and economic reforms, speaking at implementing the Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) Phase 4 (2023-2027), held on Monday (Mar 20) at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel.

"I can say that my life is full of danger. Not to mention sacrificing my life for liberation from the Pol Pot regime or the full peace that UNTAC could not achieve. When I officially became prime minister, my life was used to trade with the two reforms which include political reform to resolve the civil conflict through negotiations and the economic reform," the premier underscored.

Samdech pointed out that Cambodia does not wait for complete peace to start reform. Cambodia can survive now thanks to reform.

Samdech added that three pressures were affecting political reforms such as (1) disagreements within the party after the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge regime; (2) the different market regime between Viet Nam and Cambodia; and (3) sanctions from liberal countries.