Pyongyang (FN), May 31 – In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea children are called the kings of the country. Regarding the work of raising the rising generation as the most important of all state affairs, president Kim Il Sung and chairman Kim Jong Il tried their best to give all the excellent things in the world to the children.

Their affection is carried forward by the respected comrade Kim Jong Un.

When the laughter of children rings aloud, the whole country becomes bright–this is Kim Jong Un’s view of the younger generation.

Regarding the work of bringing up healthily and stoutly the younger generation, the future of the country, as the most important undertaking of the country, Kim Jong Un shows great concern to creating better conditions for the upbringing of the children.

As he bestows warmer affection for the younger generation the more difficult the times are and fosters the future of the country by dint of that affection, children in the DPRK grow up and learn to their heart’s content, receiving new school uniforms and school things according to season and various nutritious foodstuffs on a regular basis.

As the children are growing up as happily as anyone could be in this world under the warm care and affection of Kim Jong Un, the future of Korea is brighter and rosier.