Kandal (FN), Jun. 3 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen reacted to the policy of Thailand’s Move Forward Party that wished to expel Cambodian and Lao workers from Thailand.

The premier spoke on Saturday morning (Jun 3) during his meeting with more than 17,000 workers in Kandal Province.

"Politicians in Thailand have threatened to expel Cambodian and Lao workers. I do not interfere in the [Thai] domestic affairs. I just hope you [politician] look beyond Thailand," the premier underscored.

Samdech warned Move Forward Party which won the largest share of seats in 2023 Thai general election that the policy of expelling foreign workers could endanger Thai economy that are in dire needs of labor forces.

Samdech added that worker expulsion policy might not be welcomed by neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

“Thai politicians should be careful when it comes to formulating policies,” the premier stated.