Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 29 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Manet stated that he will not oppose the planned demonstrations against him in the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in September, but that the opposition must respect the rights of those who support him and make sure there is no conflict between Cambodians and Cambodians on American soil.

The premier spoke during his meeting with nearly 20,000 workers in Phnom Penh on Tuesday morning (Aug. 29).

“Do not cause any conflict between supporters and the opposition, especially in the United States. Even though our policies are different, we shall talk in a peaceful manner,” Manet underlined.

Premier Hun Manet said the ill-intended plan of the opposition group based in the US to insist the United Nations (UN) not to recognise the head of the Royal Government already failed.

It should be noted that Hun Manet will attend the United Nations General Assembly in the United States at the end of September after visiting Indonesia and China.