Takeo (FN), Sep. 19 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Manet initiated a new strategy through consolidating private rice exporters in order to boost more exports and compete with neighboring countries.

The premier spoke on Tuesday (Sep. 19) during a meeting with nearly 20,000 workers in Bati district, Takeo province.

Samdech Thipadei underlined that before boosting exports, one must first strengthen oneself. Therefore, private sector must work together and cooperate more closely with government institutions. He continued that in the near future, he will meet with relevant stakeholders, ministries, public institutions and the private sector to develop a way to work together more effectively, have a strategy and action plan to ensure success.

At the same time, Samdech Thiapdei called on all rice exporting companies and enterprises to cooperate and not compete locally.

"We should unite together to create a total force to ensure the price, quality, and quantity of the work together, otherwise we will not win. I have met with the private sector for decades and there are many mechanisms from many ministries, institutions, but we try to set a direction out of this. I only take one or two products, and set up a working group to contact the merchant. It is not just about doing all the exhibitions, there has to be a working group stationed in each country” he underlined.

Samdech Thipadei Hun Manet underscored that while President Xi Jinping plans to increase Cambodia's rice export quota by about 20 per cent, Samdech Thipadei wanted those working groups to not only work on export to Beijing, but also to other provinces of China.

On the occasion, the premier added that the unity of the private sector will bring many benefits that will increase sales or exports, in particular, easier for them to apply for benefits, such as lower tariffs and so on.