Sihanoukville (FN), Nov. 7 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Manet thanked Chinese investors of the Zhejiang Special Economic Zone in Prey Nob district, Sihanoukville for clarifying and eliminating concerns raised by the Chinese film, "No More Bets”.

The premier spoke on Tuesday (Nov. 7) during his meeting with more than 15,000 workers in Prey Nob district, Preah Sihanouk province.

Samdech Thipadei recalled that during his second official visit to Beijing last October, he met with investors from the Zhejiang Special Economic Zone, who helped explain and clarify some public opinion in China over the safety concerns in Sihanoukville.

“He [investors] work there [in Sihanoukville] every day and his Chinese employees do not worry about their safety,” Samdech Thipadei quoted the Chinese investors.

On the occasion, premier Hun Manet reiterated his appreciation to the Chinese investors for their trust in Cambodia and emphasized the importance of job creation and workers’ safety.

"Please continue to trust and expand investment in the kingdom. The Government will try to assist,” Samdech Thipadei underlined.

No More Bets is a cybercrime film that chronicles a story about person being trafficked to overseas and forced to defraud online. In the film, Cambodia was indirectly portrayed as a dangerous country. In late September, Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Arts sent a letter to the Chinese relevant authorities to take the film off screen as it seriously damages Cambodia’s reputation.