Seoul (FN), Nov. 18 – The 6th Meeting of the ICAPP Media Forum is taking place on 17-19 November 2023 in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.

Hosted by the Secretariat of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), in close cooperation with the ICAPP Parliamentarians’ Union in the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, the Forum was held at the Congressman Hall under the theme “Role of the Media in Building an Asian Community and Political Democratization.”

The 6th ICAPP Media Forum brings together some 65 representatives of 18 political parties, including Cambodian People’s Party, and 20 media outlets from 16 countries across the globe to exchange knowledge and ideas on Asian media cooperation aspects. The Forum serves as a useful platform where political parties and the media in the region exchange ideas and information to achieve the ICAPP’s goal of building an Asian Community of peace, stability, harmony and prosperity.

The Forum reaffirms ICAPP’s commitment to supporting and creating a conducive atmosphere, for the ICAPP's goal of building an Asian community through closer interface between the political parties participating in the ICAPP and the media in the region for wider and more proactive coverage of the ICAPP activities thereby promoting understanding and cooperation among the peoples in the region, as set out at the inaugural meeting of the ICAPP Media Forum in September 2015.

Fresh News Media is honored to represent Cambodia at the 6th Meeting of the ICAPP Media Forum amongst 20 other international media outlets from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkiye and Viet Nam.

The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) was launched in Manila, Philippines in September 2000 to promote exchanges and cooperation among political parties with various ideologies in Asian and Oceania. ICAPP seeks to enhance mutual understanding and deepen trust in the region and in doing so, promote peace, prosperity through the unique role and channel of political parties.

ICAPP strives to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by raising awareness on key issues and fostering dialogue on the design and implementation of policies that can bring positive change. IN 2018, the UNESCO acknowledged the ICAPP as an international organization of political parties of independent states and signed the “Cooperation Agreement between the UNESCO and the ICAPP.” The ICAPP will continue to play its role not only in building a cohesive community in Asia but also in contributing to the global quest for peace and prosperity.

About ICAPP Media Forum
The ICAPP Media Forum was launched in September 2015 to promote cooperation between political parties and media to cooperate with political parties and the media in building a peaceful and prosperous community in Asia, in recognition of the role of media as a catalyst for exchanges and cooperation among nations in the region through dissemination of information, thus contributing to the promotion of understanding between the people.