Phnom Penh (FN), Nov. 20 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet stated that Cambodia's Pailin Longan is now available on the Alibaba online marketplace, reaching hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

The premier spoke on Monday (Nov. 20) during the announcement of the 5th and 6th priority policy programs of the seventh-mandate Royal Government, at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Samdech Thipadei added that the initiative was made possible after the Ministry of Commerce signed an agreement with Alibaba, facilitating the import and sale of Cambodian Pailin Longan on the Alibaba e-commerce platform. This strategic move aims to explore new markets for Cambodian agricultural products.

"Alibaba provides a direct platform for selling products globally, leveraging its technology to connect sellers with its vast customer base of hundreds of millions worldwide,” Samdech Thipadei added. During his visit, he noticed that Pailin Longan was listed on Alibaba, showcasing the potential for various products, not limited to agriculture.

“This platform not only caters to agricultural goods but also extends its reach to include handicrafts and various products from our country, presenting a promising avenue for diverse local offerings to reach a global audience”, Samdech Thipadei underlined.

At the same time, Samdech Thipadei also advised stakeholders to harness technology to its fullest potential while ensuring that the products meet high-quality standards to enhance the visibility and marketability of Cambodian products in the domestic and global arenas.

Please be informed that the export of fresh longan from Cambodia to the Chinese market was officially initiated at the end of October 2022. As of October 27, 2023, Cambodia has successfully exported 14,345.74 tons of fresh longan to China.

The General Department of Agriculture has successfully registered 97 companies and plantation factories for the export of Cambodian longan to China. Additionally, 12 plantations have received official approval from the General Administration of Customs China (GACC). In a diversification effort, Cambodian enterprises are processing fresh Cambodian longan into various products such as jam, canned goods, longan water, and wine, which are now available in local supermarkets.

Oknha Chhin Ken, the Managing Director of Advance Digital World Trade (ADWT) and a key contributor to the export of fresh Pailin longan on Alibaba's online marketplace, shared that Cambodia's Pailin longan has gained immense popularity among Chinese consumers, leading to a substantial increase of approximately 30 per cent in orders and exports.