Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 9 – The Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and the Malaysian Business Chamber of Cambodia (Formerly known as “Malaysian Business Council of Cambodia”) (MBCC), hereinafter collectively referred to as "MBCC”, “CCC", “Us”, “We” or “Our”, being duly registered and established under the Law on Chamber of Commerce promulgated in 1995 and its relevant amendments and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia, both CCC and MBCC are officially recognized chambers of commerce/business chambers/chamber of commerce operating under the endorsement of the Kingdom of Cambodia, hereby issue this joint press release to the general public with the purpose of providing absolute clarity and avoidance of any potential confusion regarding concerning our relationship with the newly established entity known as the Malaysia Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "MCCC").

"We have been made aware of the recent appearance of an organization registered in Malaysia, that had named and labeled itself as Malaysia Cambodia Chamber of Commerce (MCCC). We hereby apprise the general public that this MCCC has been established without any authorization from the relevant Cambodian authorities, nor has it received any form of consent or endorsement from either CCC or MBCC, and we specially bring your attention that the use of term “Cambodia Chamber of Commerce” by any organization other than CCC is an infringement of naming right of CCC. In order to prevent any confusion or misinterpretation among the business community and public. It is important to underscore the following points," according to the press release seen by Fresh News on Friday (Feb. 9).

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