Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 11 – On 10 July 2024, KOICA Cambodia Office held a pre-departure orientation for the Cambodian government officials from Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Ministry of Environment-MoE (Technical Working Group for Sustainable Cities). This orientation program is organized under KOICA Fellowship Program (CIAT) which supports MoJ on “Capacity Building on Anti-money Laundering Applying Digital Forensic”, and supports MoE on “Capacity Development for Sustainable City Planning and Development”.

The Pre-departure Orientation is organized to ensure that government officials are well-prepared to face the cultural and societal differences they may encounter during their training in South Korea. By providing them with knowledge and culture, intercultural communication skills, and an understanding of academic expectations, this orientation program becomes a stepping stone towards a successful and enriching experience for each officer.

With a mission to support Human Resources Development (HRD) in partner countries, KOICA invites talented people from Cambodia and helps them gain professional and systematic knowledge that will play a key role in Cambodia.

KOICA's fellowship program (CIAT) is Korea's leading human resources development (HRD) training program. Through the program, KOICA invites public officials, engineers, researchers, and policymakers from developing countries to provide capacity-strengthening and training in various areas, with a focus on sharing Korea's development experience and technology.

To accomplish this mission, KOICA has been operating a fellowship program. For 2024, there are more than 140 government officials who are selected to participate in the programs. Upon completing the training program, the 15 officers from MoJ are expected to get the advancement of investigative and prosecutorial capabilities by applying cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the 20 officers from the Ministry of Environment which includes members of the Technical Working Group for Sustainable Cities will enhance their expertise in sustainable urban planning and development.

During the Pre-departure Orientation session, Than Khengvicerany, an alumni of the KOICA Scholarship Program from Cambodia, now serving as an Aid Coordination Officer at the Cambodia Development Council (CDC), shared what she has experienced and gained from her scholarship experience in Korea, and how she is applying the knowledge in her current role as Aid Coordinator.

The nominated officers showed their gratitude and commitment to bring forth what they will learn from Korea to help the development of Cambodia, as well as assured they will become the bridge between their ministries and KOICA, and beyond, the people of Cambodia and Korea.

Remarkably, since 1994, KOICA fellowship program has supported Cambodian government officers with a total of 3,647 participants in various schemes of support such as Country Training, Global Training, and Scholarship programs. KOICA will continue to support and implement programs in Cambodia that target the development of human resources.