Phnom Penh (FN), July 5 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen led a senior delegation to participate in the Aid-for-Trade Global Review 2019, held from 3-5 July 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Follow these links below for photos and contents of the premier’s working visit Geneva:

1. PM Hun Sen to Attend Aid-for-Trade Global Review 2019 in Switzerland

2. PM Hun Sen Addresses at Aid-for-Trade Global Review 2019 in Switzerland (Video inside)

3. PM Hun Sen Calls on WTO Members to Consider Closely before Suspending Trade Scheme (Video inside)

4. Cambodia Works Closely with 15 Countries to Conclude RCEP Free Trade Agreement: PM Hun Sen

5. PM Hun Sen Calls on WTO Members to Continue Assisting Cambodia to Achieve High-income Status by 2050 (Video inside)

6. PM Hun Sen Calls on WTO Members to Assist LDCs to Graduate from LDC Status (Video inside)

7. PM Hun Sen Addresses at “Socio-Cultural Program” at WTO Headquarter (Video inside)

8. PM Hun Sen Urges Every Country to Jointly Strengthen Global Multilateralism (Video inside)

9. Cambodia Organizes Khmer Noodle for Foreign Guests at WTO Headquarter (Video inside)

10. PM Hun Sen to WTO Director-General: EBA Withdrawal Procedures Is Done on a Multiple-Standard Practice

11. Read Prime Minister’s Remarks at the Opening of the 7th Aid for Trade Global Review

12. Prime Minister Hun Sen Addresses at the 41st Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights

13. Cambodia Reported on Media Is Different to Cambodia in Reality: PM Hun Sen

14. Human Rights Becomes Political Tool for Powerful Countries: PM Hun Sen

15. Cambodia Has to Maintain Peace and Social Stability at Any Cost: PM Hun Sen

16. Clearly Distinguish between Rights of Expression and Insults: PM Hun Sen

17. Some Country Did Not Send Electoral Observers, but Issued Statement Criticizing Cambodian Elections: PM Hun Sen (Video inside)

18. PM Hun Sen’s Eldest Son Taunts Dissolved Opposition for Failing to Protest against His Father in Switzerland

19. UNHCHR Acknowledges Cambodian PM Hun Sen’s Efforts in Promoting Socio-economic Development

20. Photos: Over 700 Khmer Citizens Living in Europe Gather to Welcome Prime Minister Hun Sen

21. Swiss Companies to Invest USD 40M to Build Hospitals in Cambodia